Another Week, Another Excuse!

Let’s be honest, every week, every single week we have a ‘reason’ to break our ‘diet’. This week it will be Mother’s Day, next week might be someone’s birthday, the week after might be a ‘girls/lads night out’, then Easter, a wedding, a bank holiday…. the list is endless. An excuse to have a treat is never hard to find.

Even worse, how hard is it to go to someone’s house for dinner, a meal they have specially bought and cooked for you and say ‘no thank you, I won’t have pudding, I’m trying to stay in a calorie deficit’ or ‘thank you for specially buying my favourite wine but I’m not wasting any of my 1400 calories today on a drinks’. The realities of being social and dieting are ridiculously hard, saying ‘I’ll come for dinner but I’m not eating’ or ‘I’ll have water’ when the fizz is cracked open feels uncomfortable at best if not rude!

Why? How is making your health important and looking after yourself rude? Unless you are demanding that no one around you even mentions the word pudding or even thinks about bringing a glass of wine near you, you are not only well within your rights to decline, YOU SHOULD BE! It’s not forever, it’s not to say you will never have pudding or seconds again, it’s just a no for now.

Remember whilst the odd meal outside of your plan isn’t the end of the world, a day of eating freely has the potential to cancel out a whole weeks deficit if you are not careful. So, ask yourself, Is it worth it? And really, do you ‘deserve it’? Maintaining a calorie deficit isn’t easy, sensible dieting makes it easier, but it’s never going to be easy. You will have to miss out sometimes, you will have to say no when everyone else says yes, and you will have to use an enormous amount of self-control and discipline. It will take time and conscious effort but this is the only way you will get the results you want. If every week you make an exception, the exception will become the reason that every week you fail.

If you are going to someone’s house to eat, just let them know in advance you are being careful with what you eat. Make dates with friends that don’t revolve around food, nominate yourself as the driver so you don’t end up drinking. Life doesn’t have to stop for a diet but eating and drinking whatever you like isn’t conducive to the body you’ve so desperate to achieve! Once you are happy and maintaining a weight, all these bits get easier and exceptions are fun and games but until then forget the excuses and stay focused! The results will reward you soon enough.