Katy Taqvi Testimonial

1. What made you join Marchon Athletic?

I’ve always had some sort of exercise within my weekly routine – I was big into cardio in my 20s, but following surgery I couldn’t continue with all the running and cycling I was used to doing. I joined a local gym, and when my membership was up for renewal I decided to look around for something different…and was intrigued by MA. It sounded different, I’d never had any sort of personal training before, so following an initial chat with Ollie decided to start the trial.

2. How were you feeling before you joined Marchon Athletic?

I had been training regularly but I didn’t have any goals and wasn’t really making much progress week to week. I couldn’t really do as much as I was used to doing before my injury, and just got used to not being as fit or as toned!

I’d also fairly recently moved to Harpenden and no longer ran with or went to classes with the friends I had done in London. So my exercise routine was a few visits to the gym each week and a yoga or Pilates class

3. What did you want to achieve by joining?

My main goal was to get some structure and focus back to my training. I also wanted to learn something different.

I’d never had much upper body or core strength and wanted to tone up. I was also keen to train alongside other people as I was missing the social side I’d had in the past

I did also have a wedding dress to squeeze into! But I wouldn’t say that was the main driver

4. What results have you seen during your time training?

The thing I’ve been most grateful to MA for is reviving my love of exercise. I always feel better at the end of each session. It might sound strange but I’ve also loved learning so much, like how to do simple exercises properly and move my body better – we all think we know how to squat but nobody had ever taught me how to do it properly before!

The body scan scales have also been a great way of tracking progress and I did see a lot of changes in a fairly short space of time. Alongside the training, this was helped by the nutrition help I got from Ollie. The guys all have so much knowledge they’re always looking to share and that really helped.r

5. Would you recommend Marchon Athletic to friends and family?

Absolutely! And I have done! It has something really special, which I’m certain is down to the coaches and the community feel they’ve given the place.

The knowledge the coaches have is amazing and they’re so motivating and encouraging. It’s also great no matter who is in the same session, they manage to adapt so that everyone still gets individual attention and the right level of challenge depending on ability.

I’m not sure traditional PT would be for me, I enjoy the social side of training alongside other people. But what makes MA really unique is the way they manage to really get to know everyone as an individual and get that personal element across without it being one on one.

I’m around 6 months in now and looking back, I’m stronger, fitter, I understand a lot more about what my body needs to work well and MA has taken my idea of a tough workout to a new level too!