Pick ‘n’ Mix

No, not the delicious bag of candied ‘sin’ we all scoot our children past ever so frantically at the cinema… I’m talking about your priorities.
For ease sake, let’s say that most people work around the 5 big ones…..

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Work
  5. Sleep

Now, five might not seem like a big number to tackle….. until put into practice!
By the time you’ve got up and got the family’s day started, spent 9 to 5 at work where you spent half your day listening to/consoling your friend about how they never have enough hours in the day, only to find that you yourself are now behind so you have to take your work home with you, pull out the M&S ready meals as you didn’t have time to shop or cook and stay up at night in order to just finish that one thing you had your heart set on from the moment you opened your eyes that morning, you soon realise that in reality you’ve only really tackled……none!

So … Pick and mix. Choose a few of our 5 to focus on for a short while then, mix it up. For example, last week you found you had burned out from waking up at 6am after not getting to sleep before 2am, maybe your behind at work and are yet to get yourself back in the gym. This week, these will be your focus, plan your time around getting these 3 done, come hell or high water!

Sounds odd right? In order to promote balance, we must become somewhat… unbalanced?
Well, not entirely. Choosing a focus does not necessarily mean we ignore everything else, just keep the others on the back burner for time being, chipping away at them piece by piece whilst you attack your focus’ head on. This will keep us moving forward! Promote productivity in smaller chunks rather than shying away from the ‘mammoth’  number of tasks in-front of us. That way we can still tackle everything. This is balance!

We’ve all heard the term ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ Don’t spread yourself too thin by having a hand in everything, you’ll never progress that way. Sure you’ll manage, and if that’s all you want right now then more for you. But why not step it up? Why not progress? Why not achieve?

Be productive, write to do lists (it’s that simple!), get those 8 hours in a few times a week, catch up with a friend every now and then, make time for your loved ones and get yourself in the gym!

Become the master of some rather than none, kick jack’s attitude to the curb and prioritise! Choose a few things you need to get done today, tomorrow, this week, and get them done and keep working through the motions. Soon enough, order will be restored and life will continue to be sweet.