Richard Marson Testimonial

1. What made you join Marchon Athletic?
“I wanted to find a better training model, one which offered both consistency, expert support, focus and flexibility so that I could commit to the sessions but still fit them in around the demands of work and life in general. The MA system met these needs perfectly – you take responsibility for your schedule but flexibility is built in.”

2. How were you feeling before joining?
“Before I joined, I was feeling like I’d hit a wall. I had stopped training as often or as hard as I need and suits me best. I was getting frustrated with myself and the noticeable slide in my fitness. I didn’t feel good about myself and I knew something needed to be done.”

3. What did you want to achieve by joining?
“I wanted to get proper sustained regular training back into the rhythm of my life; I believe you should approach your fitness like you do cleaning your teeth or your basic hygiene – as a daily requirement – a core part of your routine. But more than this I also wanted to have the additional motivation of working alongside people I knew would push me to achieve more, who would help mix it up and keep the training challenging and interesting, and who I would enjoy spending the time with.”

4. What results have you seen?
“In the two months since I rejoined and committed to my regular schedule, I’ve noticed steady and significant improvements in my stamina, strength and shape. I feel so much better not just in my body but in my head space too. I really believe this kind of training is as good for your mind as it is for your body.”

5. Would you recommend Marchon Athletic to friends & family?
“Absolutely. Everyone at MA from the trainers to the community of people who train there are supportive, motivated and friendly – they are interesting people too, with plenty to talk about – when they are capable of speaking that is!! Whether you’re trying a regular training pattern for the first time or in search of a fresh and more dynamic approach, MA is an incredibly positive and upbeat place in which to find them.”