Welcome to Marchon Athletic

‘Rumour has it that Marchon Athletic is a gym run by big scary guys and is reserved for only the fitness elite……’

Now we must admit, we’ve got some incredible members doing some truly amazing things but let’s clear a few things up!

Firstly, the big scary guy in charge is scared of spiders, smiles at anyone that gives him cake and frequently belts out Whitney Houston, ‘dance with somebody’ whilst working out. In fact, his singing voice is possibly the scariest thing about him.

Secondly, whilst our members will be hugely flattered by your ‘athlete’ perception of them, we are yet to make an Olympic qualification. Yet.

So, is MA the place for you?!

There is no entry level to our gym whatsoever.  We are a gym that welcomes everyone and we get excited just as much by the person that hasn’t done any formal exercise for 20 years as we do for the person training for an Ironman.

So even if the only lunge you ever did was towards a closing lift door be rest assured MA will be a great place to get started and we hope that we will soon become your home away from home.

In fact, it is because of the diversity of our members, that our gym has such a strong sense of community and friendship. No matter where you are on your personal fitness journey, you’ll be under one roof, training alongside others with the common goal of leading a fitter, healthier & happier life.

There are no egos but a whole lot of laughs!

What to expect?

Everything at Marchon Athletic has a personal touch. Our programming, based on scientific principles is tailored to each individual, providing the most effective, progressive development of fitness, strength and mobility.

We know that education; motivation and sustainability are the keys to not just achieving this, but maintaining and developing this for a lifetime of health and happiness. We will empower you with all the tools and support you throughout.

We are confident that the community we have built and continue to build is a huge part of what makes us so different to any other ‘gym’ or ‘diet’ you may have seen or tried.

Commit to us what we commit to you and it is impossible to fail. Whether you are starting out your fitness journey or feeling lost and deflated somewhere along the way, come and start training the MA way. We are ready for you to join us.